“I love working with nature and creating layers and paths, mysteries and reveals.”

Jennifer Hayman

Jennifer Hayman Design Group is an award-winning boutique landscape design firm that strives to bring families together in luxurious lifestyle-driven design. We specialize in contemporary and timeless multi-functional outdoor designs to fit your lifestyle.


Jennifer Hayman has been creating outdoor rooms since she was a child. Growing up in the country, and spending most of her days in cornfields and tree houses, Jennifer developed her love of the outdoors and how it creates a sense of connection to the world around us.

Her mother was a gardener, and Jennifer worked at garden centres all through university. After graduating from university and taking a job in corporate sales and marketing, she found herself spending her lunch hours at local garden centres, coming home every day with a car full of plants.

She left her marketing position and began studying horticulture with the Ontario Agricultural College at the University of Guelph. Following this, she enrolled at the Oxford College of Garden Design in England in 2002.

Upon her return in 2004, she founded the Jennifer Hayman Design Group (JHDG), a full service landscape design company.

Jennifer’s unique eye for contemporary design and passion for creating multi-functional spaces tailored to families needs is what sets JHDG apart.

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Sitting down with Jennifer Hayman Design Group’s designer for an initial assessment and landscape design consultation is the best way to begin your garden transformation.