Kingsway landscape design

Jennifer Hayman Design Group was pleased to work on this multiphase project with a homeowner who loves gardens as much as we do.

The homeowner was renovating their home and purchased an abandoned lot behind the home in the process. With the addition of the new lot, the backyard became quite deep, requiring creative design to create multiple outdoor rooms.

Our designer used strong geometry, natural stone, and layers of evergreen hedging to create interesting views from various locations throughout the space. We added lawn allées with traditional English yew hedging intersecting through the property on a diagonal creating visual interest and layering from inside the elevated home.

Closest to the home, JHDG’s designer created a structured oversized deck and flagstone terrace for dining and entertaining.

A long lawn allée bordered with flagstone has a traditional overisized concrete plinth and urn which is planted seasonally.

Kingsway landscape design
Kingsway landscape design

Reclaimed barn beams and concrete pillars were used to create a rustic Roman folly pergola to attract the eye and create a path of interest to the back of the property. Behind this, a line of mature black cedar hedges were planted to create privacy from a commercial property behind.

A water feature was added to one side, and the space also accommodated for a vegetable garden and the family’s trampoline. Our designer was sure to leave pockets of the garden empty and available for the homeowner to evolve, as gardening is one of her favourite pastimes.

This Kingsway landscape design offers a number of multifunctional areas to a family home with a large backyard lot, creating a contemporary garden for modern living.


Kingsway landscape design

Sitting down with Jennifer Hayman Design Group’s designer for an initial assessment and landscape design consultation is the best way to begin your garden transformation.